Hello world!

Thank you for visiting my weblog, either via the direct URL (https://kodequirks.wordpress.com) or via the official URL (http://www.codequirks.com). After two years of owning the domain, I finally got around to doing something!

My name is Travis Calder, and this will be the new home of my professional blog. Topics you may find here will range from anywhere from usability, HTML, CSS, and topics of that variety all the way to Java, Ruby, and Scala. I hope to gain focus as this weblog continues.

Most blog writers do welcome comments, but I would like to take this opportunity to encourage commenting. I appreciate all feedback, even if it’s just to tell me that what I wrote made sense to you. I am, as may become apparent, quite new at this, and my ability to express myself through this medium has yet to be developed. So please, feel free to help me develop that skill. As well, critiques and discussion is always welcome.

Thanks again for visiting, and I hope to have my first post up very soon!

By criassk

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