Never Settle For Being Good Enough

Motivation truly is a fascinating thing. We deal with it in our personal lives all the time. Managers, especially, have to be attentive to what motivates their teams and how to produce results.

I’ve personally spent my life trying to understand what motivates me.

Have you ever been told, “that chore will be easier if you make it a game”? Doesn’t work for me at all, but tonight I realized what does.

My Sudden Realization

Tonight I did a group presentation for school. The leader of the group pulled my tail out of the fire a little bit (as best he could) when I failed miserably at my portion.

Why did I fail? That’s not the issue.

My failure motivated me!

When I sat down, my head was churning. How can I do better? How can I help my team succeed? Where did I go wrong? Where did other groups go right? How can I improve.

Tonight I realized, I’m motivated by self improvement.

Never Good Enough

Uncle Bob recently published a post ending in the quote, “Whatever you are, be a good one”.

That’s not good enough for me.

In software, at school, at mundane things like cleaning my apartment, I will never settle for being “good enough”.

In the past I’ve tried to control my motivation by creating challenges or relating unpleasant tasks to real interests. The fact is, it just hasn’t worked for me.

However, I am motivated to learn how to most effectively work with my team in order to be successful in the remainder of the project.

I am motivated to improve myself as a software developer, or perhaps even a software craftsman, every single day.

I am motivated when I say, “No. I am not good enough at this. I’m not the best I could be. I can be better, and I will prove it.”

Give it a try 😉


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